Saturday, January 28, 2006


My hero wears a toolbelt...

Tell me I'm not the only one this happens to...wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (what exactly IS "bushy-tailed," anyway? Do I even want to be compared to something that so obviously focused on the posterior?) I anyway, I woke up Friday morning with one cleaning mission for the day: strip all beds, wash linens, and put fresh ones back on the beds. This is not a huge feat, but it can be when you put the first (large) load in and go to transfer things to the dryer and find a sopping mess. No worries, said I, just run the spin cycle again. Now, I feel I must back up and say that I love my washing machine. It is a front-load commercial model that we purchased from a U.S. Army base. We bought the dryer, too. Basically, the base was putting in new housing and had to tear down a laundry facility- or something to that effect. We got a tremendous deal and these things are "da bomb" !!!!!

Normally, when the washer hits the spin cycle it makes a sound similar to that of a jet achieving liftoff- I am so not kidding!! But yesterday I noticed the washer never made that sound so I figured I should go online and search "SpeedQueen troubleshooting." Those search engines are such a dynamo!! I could probably type in something like "Ostrogoth clan members living in the greater Atlanta area" and get multiple hits!! But I found out my problem was minor; the drain hose was clogged or the trap was clogged. Fantastic!!!! But I don't know how to get into either of those things, so I called MY HERO. The call went something like this:
"Hi honey, what are you doing?"
"Working, babe. What do you need?"
"Well, the washer will spin but won't drain and the problem is in the hose or the trap and I can't get to either one."
"Is it something you need right now, or can it wait 'till after supper tonight?"
"Provided you understand that all beds in the house are naked, it can wait until tonight."
"Okay. Sherri, don't panic. I know just what to do and will take care of it when I get home."

Ahhhh. Music to my ears. I get that whole romantical (!) feeling that Rob is about to save the day. He will slip into that repairman mode and make everything right again. Do you remember the Cosby Show episode where the bathroom tiles began to fall off the wall and Cliff says, "Theo, Son, go get me my toolbelt"? And Claire wears this look of sheer horror at the mere thought of things to come? Well, I never get that look or feeling. Usually. Hardly ever. Okay, okay, maybe there was this one time. But that involved major home demolition and renovation, give me a break!!!! Seriously, though, Rob had things apart, obstruction sighted, removed, and parts put back into place within 30 minutes. And then my washer made the sound I have come to love: liftoff!!!

I just love the way God built into men the desire to "fix" and make things right again for the women they cherish. Granted, the desired "fix" can sometimes end up in the hands of a professional, but the effort expended on my behalf just makes me feel so, um, loved. Of course, this is not just a funny anecdote to give you a Saturday morning laugh, but to give an opportunity for reflection. Do you (we) appreciate the effort our husbands put into taking care of our homes? Not the daily tasks, like cooking and cleaning, but the major maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair- not to mention making the decision whether or not to DIY (do it yourself) or call someone else. Let's make sure we are showing appreciation to them for this. And hey, show them this appreciation in the way they choose!!!

habiliment (noun) clothing, attire

Thank you so much for that encouraging word. It is SO easy to take our hubbys for granted! And you write it so humerously:-)
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one writing sporadically!
P.S. I'd love to know what you've got planned fo V-day. I'm 100% stumped
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