Monday, January 23, 2006


Great House, Great Location...

Do any of you have people who are just really great friends? I mean the kind of friends who watch-your-kids-at-the-drop-of-a-hat-even-at-2 AM-when-you-go-into-labor (falsely)-for-the-third-time. Well, we have been so blessed by our great friends Todd and Nettie. These are the type of friends where we feel like we can never out-give them because their auto-pilot mode is "service."

So here is one thing I can do for them. They have been trying to sell their home in California for about 7 months now and would really like to retire to Arkansas. No, I did not type that backwards, this is the truth. This is such a great home and you can read all about it here. They are very aware of God's providence and His sovereign plan that might not include retirement to Arkansas. But I said, "Let me post this on my blog and see if we get any response." After waiting for them to stop laughing I heard them say, "Okay."

The scoop: great neighborhood. I can personally vouch for this as we lived there for roughly a year and a half. Brentwood, CA (no, not OJ's neighborhood) is a quiet little bedroom community for the San Francisco Bay area. Look it up on the map to find out all the stats. But the house is terrific! Great for a homeschooling family, as they are, in fact, a homeschooling family. Oh, I was just out there for a visit May '05 and there are seriously 5, yes five, Starbucks in Brentwood city limits!!

So contact my dear friends. Even if you don't buy the house or know someone else who might be interested, who knows? You might just end up making friends with a great couple!

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