Thursday, January 12, 2006


Another year older...

No, ladies, the calendar doesn't lie. Indeed, it is my birthday today; the big 3-4. Ancient to some, infantile to others- it all depends on who reads the post!! Naturally, I have been pondering the passage of time, and yes, there are a few more lines on my face that weren't there at 33. What has really amazed me, though, are the bothersome discolored (read, "no colored") hairs cropping up. I can't even call them gray. No, we skipped right on past gray and went straight to white. How did that happen? My mom and grandmother were/are very "late grayers" (is that a word?), so I thought I had it made in that respect. Apparently, genetics is not always predictable...

At any rate, I have been somewhat introspective about this age thing. Navel-gazing, I guess some would call it. I have heard/read that so-called "navel-gazing" is frowned upon in the blogosphere. Sorry; I have to pull the old, "it's my bloggy and I'll navel-gaze if I want to." Seriously, I haven't been thinking so much about the signs of aging- the white hairs, the new lines, wrinkles, etc.- as I have been thinking of signs of maturity. When others look at me or spend time with me, can they see evidences of my growing in the grace of God? Do they say, "oh yeah, she's really grown in this area in the past year"? Or do they think, "it appears that she is still struggling with the same sins"? This is a sobering train of thought, gals. Do others see a more beautiful picture of Christ in me, one that more accurately reflects Him? I pray so. I think over the past year of 2005 and recall the trials our family has endured. My prayer is that we are all more conformed to the image of Christ and not just heaving a big "Phew! I'm glad that year is over!!"

On different note, I am happy to report that Rob is way more in love with me at 34 than he was when I was a young bride of (almost) 22. How great is that?! Likewise, I am more in love with the bald-by-choice-almost-completely-gray-goateed man than I was with the full-head-of-curly-haired 22 year old I married!!! I am quite thankful for a husband who sees past the lines and gray hairs (if he even notices them) to the "unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit." No, not there yet, but am definitely enjoying the journey!!

ebullient (adjective) bubbling; enthusiastic; exuberant.
Yes, Rob, this one is for you!!

Happy Birthday, Sherri!!!!

The Shugart's
I am not sure how all these things work, yet, but in case my first message did not get through, here's the second one...

Happy Birthday!!!! 34 seems like ages ago for me. I will be 42 next month. The time flies by, doesn't it?!!!! Hope your day is wonderful and blessed.

I have a blog, too, but I am still trying to learn how everything works. Take care!

Debbie Shugart
Happy Birthday Sherri! Your post is an inspiration to me...
Happy 34th, Sherri! What a blessing to have you in my church family!! And for a good laugh, I have GOT to see a picture of that "full-head-of-curly-haired" 22 year old.
Happy 34th, Sherri! What a blessing to have you in my church family! And for a good laugh, I have GOT to see a picture of that "full head of curly haired" 22 year old.:)
Going on record here, I do in fact love you more than I did when I was a 22 year old ebullient spiritually dearth caitiff! You are my treasure! And you blog real good to. Gonna fix my gramer to?
You sly thing, you never told me. Hey, way late, but happy birthday to you and (since today is actually the 24th) to your little sweetie Sophia!! Thanks for being a faithful blogging friend :-)

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